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Cross Culture

Cross Culture was created for an album project in Bermuda (1992) with the members:

Bio: Cross Culture represents a new embodyment of the Bermudian music experience'; a fusion of the various cultural music influences found in Bermuda packaged in a youthful attitude, fresh and full of surprises.  As music is traditionally passed on from generation to generation, it undergoes change and development.  With this change and development comes the emergence of new ways to do the old things better.  As the wolrd is being broken of its old traditions, and people of all races are realizing that we can live in harmony, with these thoughts in mind, we invite you to crank it up, and pump up the slams.  'Till the next episode, we wish you one aim, one love, one destiny!

Clive Francis: Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Co-Vocal Arranger, Drum Programming, Synth Bass and Piano

Zahra "Digit" Jabbar: Rap Arrangements

Dieter; "King Cobra": Dancehall Rap, Co-Vocal Arranger

Derrick Simmons: Drum Programming; Living from the Top, Guitar, No Rest No Peace, Asst Engineer

Rochelle Darlington: Back up Vocals - Bump Up in De Um Um

Lolly Darrel: Back up Vocals - Allright

Carol Ann Williams: Back up Vocals - "Doin it"

Leland "The Wizzard" Hicks: Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Synth Programming, Drum Programming, Guitar, Keys

Executive Producers:  Derrick Simmons, John Lee, Keith Dubois, Clive Francis, and Leland Hicks

Track Highlights: Bump Up in De Um Um was #9 in the Bermuda Night Club - 1993

Life is what you make it - made B Rotation (drive time evenings- WBLS - NY 1993   Cross Culture in De Area was chosen as one of the top 3 new album releases by Black Radio Exclusive along with Luther Vandross and Amy Grant.